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Originally Posted by Grayblack
I came from an A7, which was a great car. Audi did an awesome job with the RS7 design. I like the fact that you can tell it's an RS, unlike the S7. You can definitely notice the difference in traction with the Quattro.
The exterior cues of the S7 are very subtle on the exterior there's no doubt about that, but behind the wheel, that's a whole different story...

The V8 twin turbo vs the V6 superchargerd... Same V8 motor that was in the S6 and beat the M5 in Car and Driver with a 0-60 in 3.7. That's why I can't wait to see the RS 7. Same motor as S8 which Motortrend got a 3.5 0-60.. And with less power, torque and more weight than the RS 7.

I honestly think BMW had a beautiful opportunity here but from solely a performance aspect, I think they missed the bullseye. Just my opinion, I know some of you will disagree.