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Originally Posted by DreamerM6 View Post
One thing everyone seems to forget, once traction is is out of the way, real wheel drive cars have the advantage of not having to share the power to 4 wheels making acceleration better in RWD. You can see in my video where i raced the GTR I totally out accelerated it, actually KILLED it!
Your point is valid, however, at these levels of power/torque, traction remains a factor up to significantly high speeds. Let me start by saying that I absolutely LOVE the M6. It is at the top of my list for my next car, but there are issues that concern me.

With the DSC fully off, you can break traction going into third gear at nearly 100mph (mind you, this is what I have read, it is not from personal experience).

Also, try hammering the throttle in a turn. One of two things will happen. With DSC on, the car will bog. With DSC off, the car will break. Fine on a track in the hands of an experienced driver, but not so fine on the street in the hands of most who will actually be driving this car.

With even the slightest bit of dampness on the pavement, the RS7 and/or GTR will destroy the M6.

So, even if you want to preserve the steering and dynamic advantages of RWD, the M5/M6 are significantly under-tired. These cars should have 275/325 rubber from the factory. A 3200lb Porsche Carrera S, with less than 400lb-ft torque, and the weight of the engine over the drive wheels comes with 295's. This is way too narrow a tire for the 4200lb, front-engine M6.

Bottom line is that at this power level, you need seriously wide rubber, or AWD. Not sure what BMW was thinking here.

As the aftermarket develops for the M6, I am wondering what kind of rubber one will actually be able to fit on the car. This may be a determining factor for me. The stock 265/295 is clearly inadequate IMO.
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