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Originally Posted by DreamerM6 View Post
Thank you.

2) did you know a F13 M6 0-200 is a second faster than the gtr? 11.3 vs 12.2
i think you looked at the wrong data sheet.
Lets say the description in the video is right, so the car has 542 bhp.
That would be an 2012 Nissan GT-R (Mk 3) .
That means 0-200 is done in 10.6 s (and not 12.2 s)

or lets take as a fact that that car you are racing again in that video makes 0-200 in 12.2 s.
That would mean that it is an "old" gt-r with 473 bhp:
(both 2008 -2012 Gt-R look almost the same BTW)

so almost 80 hp less than your m6.
And finally the video would fully make sense....
a 2012 should be faster than the M6, just as much as the M6 should be faster than the 2008 model.


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