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Originally Posted by TreDirtyFive View Post
Get over it people...did you get to test and beat on both cars on a variance of roads and a circuit and make a relative comparison? No. But, he did. He is comparing the looseness of the M to the merc and that just means the merc felt stiffer and more compliant overall. Don't forget the merc also has "comfort" mode as its default as well which. most likely means, its comfort setting is just programmed sportier than the M's.

Im sure the M6 is stiff and sporty enough for 95% of the people out there, but alas fanboy's will always cry and shout. One day Chris is the best reviewer around to you guys and the next he is a "paid off" schmuck? It is well known that there have been many mixed reviews on all of BMW's new cars including the M6...being softer, less communicative, and generally less sporty than previous iterations. I think the M6 is a much better looking car and would easily take it over the SL, even if it is pure fact that it is slower and less fun to drive, simply because it speaks to me more. Anyhow, he did pick the M6 initially, didn't he? Gwaaar!

Not to mention this is not the first review with similar feelings about BMW's most recent M-cars. It seems to be a consistent theme as of late.