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Originally Posted by Mentos

No, but that is cool . I'm pretty sure that's not available yet. I think the closest thing available is where it will roll forward (and back out later) into your garage for you, without you in the car. I think you have to be standing next to the car though.

However, I was looking at Audis aswell before opting for the GC. And during that one of the salesman told me that the Audi Park assist will not only perpendicular/parallel park, but will also pull you out of a perpendicular space (you have to control the accelerator though). That peaked my interest, because sometimes you park in a bay and someone comes along and parks over the line right next to you. I could see that being quite usefull.
Yes, I was told the same thing too but never actually saw an Audi with the feature in action. With the BMW park assist, the Surround View makes maneuvering the vehicle in and out of parking spots effortlessly with full confidence and poise. All you need to do is to watch the display as the vehicle tucks in or out of any tight spots. For a vehicle of such length, it is a marvel to watch the precision parking both from inside and outside the vehicle, especially when equipped with IAS.