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Looks like the major annoyance if I can call it that... Is the MSRP on the 6GC... Although Valid points have been made the only way to get BMW to change is simply not to buy the GC... But most of the people who are in the market for one probably would not choose the A7 or the CLS 550 over a 6GC especially the folks that post here on this forum lets not kid ourselves... The S7 and the CLS 63 AMG should be compared to the M6 GC...

I actually went on a test drive of the CLS 550 last night and it was for lack of a better description underwhelming... A buddy of mine is in the market for a new car and he didn't like it nor did I.. After sitting in a CLS and then jumping back into my 6er the difference is apparent..

Which leads me back to my original point and the obvious.. Being that we are all posting on a bimmer forum.. If price was removed from the equation I am willing to bet that 90% of us would get the GC over any of the offerings from Competing auto makers.. The only cars that I would even consider over a 6GC or an M6 GC for that matter in the 4 door coupe market would be the Panamera S, 4S, GTS, or the CLS 63... Outside of that give me the 6er everyday all day.

Lastly if you are leasing the car. Lease rates are pretty comparable if not better than the CLS and the Audi.. Especially toward the end of the year.. So for me MSRP is only a piece of the pie when considering one of these cars over the other...