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Originally Posted by BigMacSmallFries
To the executives at Hamann (I know you guys read through these comments):

Why do you continually approve crap like this for production? Have you looked at Vorsteiner and how successful they have become simply by creating aesthetically pleasing products? It was only a few years ago that no one on these forums knew they existed. I realize that a lot of your customers are located in the middle east and Asia where more extreme designs are more acceptable among buyers. However, no one in North America would seriously consider buying these kits unless they had poor taste.

You guys should take some time and discuss the possiblity of creating a new design language with your designers.

PS --Placing vents on rocker panels looks ridiculous, get rid of it.
It certainly is not everyone's cup of tea but there is also no correlation between poor taste and nationality. Globally, people do all kinds of things to express their individuality. To each their own I suppose as long as they are happy.