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M6 F13 vs 2012 GTR. Real life not paper!

Hi Guys,

I have a story to tell you which is going to put a HUGE smile on your face if you love BMW.

So my friend has a 2012 GTR and he has been nagging me for a while now to race him! I really didnt want to because, well because i was scared! HAHA! you know that feeling you get when you are sure you are going to get an ass whipping!?

Anyway, so I postponed as long as I could and then the day came where I didnt have an excuse..

We met up, had some food while we waited for traffic to cool down. Now I know the crazy figures of GTR 0-100 in 0.001 sec and all, so we agreed that all tests would be done without launch control, to see which car was stronger not to see who has the better traction system.

1) 0-200 1st gear (I did not disengage the traction to full off but kept it to limited)
2) rolling 2nd gear from 50km/h
3) rolling 3rd gear from 110km/h
4) highway 100-275 start 3rd gear.

M6 - 4, GTR - 0

To give you an idea of how the race went.

When rolling start in 2nd gear we are pretty much neck on neck, M6 might be ahead with about 0.5meter, then when the GTR changes into 3rd the M6 creeps forward slowly. With every gear change the M6 moves forward a little by about 1meter because you only change into gear later +- 500 rpms later. So when he changes into 5th the M6 is still in 4th and moves forward. By 220km/h I could see his bumper on my ass in my rear view mirror and by 275km/h I was at least 3 car lengths ahead.

I know a M6 wont beat a gtr on 1/4 mile but when you meet a GTR on the highway you definitely have the green light to kick some ass!

Some other interesting figures when we had at a racing day:
M5 1000meter (1km) run : 258km/h
GTR : 258km/h
GTR 2010 (modd 530hp) : 262km/h
M6 F13 : 265km/h (264.7) this was my car with low km's. It feels much loser now and I will soon go race again and record times and make video for all the GTR fanboys!