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Originally Posted by roadsta View Post
One thing I am sure of - there will not be 0.4s between the two cars 0-60mph, not with a 10% taller final drive. (2012=4.9s, 2013=4.5s in the specs.)

The 2013 should be a bit faster given the engine output, but 10% on the final drive is quite a lot. I would really like to see these two cars tested against each other. My bet - somewhere between 0.1 and 0.2 s.

Interestingly, in the local (Australian) spec, the 0-100kmh spec is given at 4.9s, the same as your 0-60 mph. But 100kmh = 62.13mph, so converted to 0-60mph, our spec says 4.7s for the 2012.

I agree. Moreover, most of the 0-60 on two cars so close will be the launch. Hell, one could launch the same car twice and get a 0.2 difference (or worse with a bad hookup). But over a greater distance, no doubt the 2013 would pull ahead. It's the area under the curve that counts.

You're not going to hit final gear going 0-60, of course.
We are not talking about 8th gear in the transmission. We are talking about the final drive ratio in the differential. It's a torque multiplier for every gear.