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I can confirm this. My friend has 2012 GTR and we went racing for the fun. We did not use launch control since we already knew who was going to be fastest on 1/4mile. Instead we decided to take rolling starts so that we could see which car was the strongest, best geared, aerodynamics etc.

We took 4 tests:
1 gear stand still both just accelerate to 200
2nd gear rolling from 50km/h
3rd gear rolling from 100km/h
highway 100 to 275km/h

M6 = 4, GTR = 0

The gtr has slightly shorter gears, so every time he changed from 2nd to 3rd or 3rd to 4th I had around 500rpm before i had to change, and this is where the m6 edges ahead by around 1 meter every time the gtr changes gears. When we are both in the same gear the M6 creeps forward slowly, but mainly on gearchange. By 220km/h I could already see the GTR rear bumper in my mirror and by 275 I was at least 3 car lengths ahead.
I have asked him to race again this time making video for all the gtr fan boys and non believers!
I have driven many GTRs around race track and it is scary fast, but day to day use just not a BMW. Comfort, class, luxury combined with performance is what M cars are all about. The Nissan is just to hard, too plastic and too "Nissan"..