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Originally Posted by rushx85 View Post
Itīs hard to compare these 2 cars...
The M3 wasnīt my only car... I still had a Volvo C30 which I used to get to work and back cuz its a 125kīs one way.
So at one point I was fed up with driving the Volvo to work and leaving the M3 in the garage. I wanted something nice for ALL trips.
So I decided to go for the 640d.

The M3 is defenitly the more sporty and aggresive car when it comes to sheer driving pleasure. It handles better and is just so much fun to drive.
Nevertheless, the 640d is the best DD I ever had. Massive torque right from the beginning which is nice for the city and still enough power for the "Autobahn" Itīs more of a GT (cruiser) than a real sportscar...

The thing is miss most though is the lack of sound with the diesel

Both are greeat cars in their own ways but from my point of view not really comparable
Thanks for your input friend