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Does anyone know what chasis the M6 GC was built off? Looks so long that they might've used the 7 series? Unless BMW has LWB 6 series they offered in China and used that?

Dimensions wise and weight wise I feel the m6 GC is going to be bigger than heavier. I can't see the RS7 weighing more than 4400lbs which is roughly where the S7 is however I'd be astonished if BMW can keep the M6 GC close to 4,000lbs if earlier posts are accurate.

Rs7 should be roughly 2 inches shorter and 1 inch wider. Couldn't find height for m6 GC.

Another thing to consider will be price point.

The m6 coupe is almost 108k so can they really price the m6 GC below 115-117k? And if the Rs7 comes in lower - would the extra money for a m6 GC be worth it?

Thanks for your opinions.