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Originally Posted by ctenidae View Post
I don't think Sport mode does anythign that would cause a change in MPG or oil burnage, in and of itself. Sport firms up the suspension a bit, which won't do it, and changes the throttle mapping, which wouldn't do it. The throttle mapping just changes the response to the gas pedal- in Comfort mode you have to push it further than in Sport mode to get the same response.

In the automatic, I suppose Sport mode probably holds gears longer, which could make a difference, but cruising in either mode wouldn't, I'd think, be any different from an MPG or oil perspective, and even hammering it the difference would be on the margins, at the top of gears.

In the 6-speed, Comfort mode engages a rev matching feature which is fun for downshifts, though pointless, and is really really annoying in town or around speed bumps. If I'm coasting with the clutch in in, say, 2nd gear, it holds revs up high, which is just stupid sounding. A downshift heading into a turn also won't provide the deceleration I want, since the revs match to the wheel speed, and it takes longer for the engine braking to be effective.

Short story, I hate Comfort mode. I find it useless at best, and annoying at worst.
Yeap, automatic behaves differently in different driving mode. If I am cruising at freeway speed and switch from Comfort to Sport, then rev goes up a notch (may be down a gear) which is why MPG is worse. However, that should not matter for 6 speed. I used to have MCS 6 speed, and Sport button is just sharpening throttle and make steering wheel heavier. I also think that suspension feels firmer, but that could just be me b/c I doubt that MCS has adjustable suspension.
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