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Originally Posted by nwills View Post
Well....I tried!

Not that wheel spin is something I want...but I thought I'd give it a try.

DTC on...power breaking...nothing.

I think the weight and xDrive prevents any wheel spin on the Gran Coupe.

I definitely have a good amount of lag. When I'm at full stop and I hammer down on the accelerator, the car sits idle and hesitates for a fraction of a second. After having tried different scenarios, it seems nothing can circumvent this.

Even when driving along and I need to suddenly accelerate, if I hammer down the car will hesitate before launching itself
That is the same experience I have, but I don't have xDrive. I get very minor wheels spin when take off in Sport mode but traction control cuts the power very quickly.

On freeway, there is lag in any mode lower than Sport mode, but lag is less to none in Sport mode where it keeps RPM high and gear low. In Sport mode, the car can really dance at freeway speed, but that's probably why my MPG is so bad and burn a lot of engine oil.
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