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Originally Posted by DiavelM3 View Post
Hmmm, the HP to the wheels seems to be off for your dyno run? EAS had a stock F12 M6 put down around 503 rwhp with a bone stock F12 and you're saying that WITH the GTC exhaust, it added 14 HP and only put down 501 rwhp?
The other thing I noticed about EAS' dyno run, compared to the M5's they ran on different days, was the outside temp. I believe it was 20-25 degrees hotter the day they ran the F12 M6 (109 degrees?) compared to the M5's (70-88 degrees?).
A couple of M5's, which ran on cooler days, put down 25-35 more HP to the wheels.... Something seems off here since yours has a GTC exhaust and there is a gain of 14 hp?

Nonetheless F12M6MD, you have a beautiful car and the exhaust sounds amazing too!
Hey DiavelM3,

What can I say? I wish I could say I got better numbers stock and with exhaust. It is what it is at this point. My dyno conditions were 70 degrees outside. I'll just assume something was not optimal for the dyno and believe that. I'll still enjoy driving and hearing my car! Thanks for the compliments.