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Originally Posted by Bnz
I'm not sure I am following you. When the word "traction" is indicated in the tach, DTC is engaged. I know it sounds counter intuitive, but when DTC is engaged, part of DSC is off. This is the set up that allows for the most wheel spin.
Let's have a BMW definition of DSC and DTC:

DSC Dynamic Stability Control
The Concept

DSC prevents traction loss in the driving wheels when driving away and accelerating.

DSC also recognises unstable vehicle conditions, such as fishtailing or nose-diving. Subject to physical limits, DSC helps to keep the vehicle on a steady course by reducing engine speed and applying brakes at individual wheels.

Adjust your driving style to the situation.

An appropriate driving style is always the responsibility of the driver.

The laws of physics cannot be repealed, even with DSC.

Therefore, do not reduce the additional safety margin by driving in a risky manor.

Indicator/warning lamps

The indicator lamp flashes: DSC controls the drive forces and brake forces.

The indicator lamp lights up: DSC has failed.

Deactivating DSC: DSC OFF

When DSC is deactivated, driving stability is reduced during acceleration and when driving in bends.

To increase vehicle stability, activate DSC again as soon as possible.

Deactivating DSC

Press and hold the button, but not longer than approx. 10 seconds, until the indicator lamp for DSC OFF lights up in the instrument cluster.

The DSC system is switched off.

Activating DSC

Press the button.

DSC OFF indicator lamps go out.

DTC Dynamic Traction Control
The Concept

The DTC system is a version of the DSC in which forward momentum is optimised.

The system ensures maximum forward momentum on special road conditions, e.g., unplowed snowy roads, but driving stability is limited.
It is therefore necessary to drive with appropriate caution.

You may find it useful to briefly activate DTC under the following special circumstances:

- When driving in slush or on uncleared, snow-covered roads.

- When rocking the vehicle or driving off in deep snow or loose surfaces.

- When driving with snow chains.

Deactivating/activating DTC Dynamic Traction Control

Activating the Dynamic Traction Control DTC provides maximum traction on loose ground. Driving stability is limited during acceleration and when driving in bends.

Activating DTC

Press the button.

The indicator lamp for DTC lights up.

Deactivating DTC

Press the button again.

The indicator lamp for DTC goes off

Hope this helps!

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