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Originally Posted by bavarian19 View Post
That is not going to silence anything. The GTR did not use LC.

Plus, anything other than a straight line test, and it won't even be a competition.

I know this is a BMW board, but at a cheaper price, the GT-R is just in a different league than the M6.
Well.....I wouldn't go so far as to say the GTR is in a "different league". The GTR is designed to be a pure speed tool and nothing more. The M6 is designed to not only be fast, but also be a feast for the other senses. That said, the M6 and GTR are pretty much in the same league in terms of power. The GTR obviously has the AWD advantage in terms of launch, but once moving, the AWD becomes a hindrance to straight line performance. As far as price, they are pretty close. GTRs are in the low 100's.
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