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My M6 is Squealing - Help Please!!!

So at about 1800 miles, I walked down to the garage and started my Alpine White M6. As I accelerated out of the garage at 5mph or so, I let go of the throttle and immediately began hearing a noticeable squealing noise, high pitch coming from the motor. I began to realize that it only happens at very low rpms, mostly when coming to a stop or letting go of the gas peddle.

To make it worse, after about 5 minutes, the noise goes away. This has now been persistent every single time I drive the car from a cold start.

It seems that once the car has warmed up a bit it completely goes away and will not be heard unless the car sits for several hours. I dropped the car off at service and of course they were unable to replicate the issue! but suggested it might have something to do with an air pump valve or something like that.

Was hoping someone would read this and maybe provide me with anything that might help me get this resolved, or if any other M6 owners out there have experienced the same issue.

Would really appreciate any advice or help