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Cool That is a brilliant Idea!! lol

Hey Noushy,

Been following your thread an I really like what you have done with her. I know the Brilliant isn't a color that they spray on M6's so I was curious if you noticed any more or less orange peel effect anywhere on your M6? The one at the dealer has it and I have been reading that there are more than a few folks upset by it. I would be too, so I was curious if painting a "Special" color would help alleviate the effect...

Also, I assume you have been in contact with BMW Individual. Do you know if they will paint another manufacturers color like say Porsche for example, or are they limited to only colors that BMW has painted in the past?

Could you post a few more pix in the sun at various angles? I was thinking mineral white, or Imola, or LSB, or even Monte Carlo Blue...

Oh yea, I wanted to do a custom install of the V1 and or Jammer, let us know how your ciming with the install's....

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