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Droid contacts sync with IDrive Console

I am having a horrid time trying to sort this out but perhaps someone has a solution that could save me from going mad. I had a blackberry when I first got my old 6er and had not problems with pairing and synching my contacts. Then I upgraded phones to the HTC Sensation and voila... pairing with ease but no contacts. I drove my old 6er for about 3yrs like that and combed the web from time to time trying to solve it. Even got a call from BMWNA just to tell me sorry mate it works with the Iphone tough luck
Anyhow.. I now have my F13 vert and first thing I tried was pair my phone and to my delight the contacts synched then 30 secs later disappeared. A few days later after several attempts it worked again and I even got email but then the same thing. I have spent numerous hours with a multitude of things to try most of which I have but to no avail. I just cleaned up my contacts in gmail, deleted them off the phone added them back disable outlook contacts and went to the car. Contacts appeared for about 30secs then disappeared. I will appreciate any good solutions other than suggesting I get an IPhone :-)