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Originally Posted by Patrys@BimmerTech View Post
We can ship the instrument cluster directly to you and when you install it (10-minute job) we'll perform the final coding of your vehicle over the Internet. All you need is a Windows laptop with the Internet connection.
It's as simple as that

For more details please send us an email with your VIN and location at

Pricing is available at

Thank you!
How do your retrofits affect warranty?

I've recently bought a GC, I bought a pre-reg vehicle which meant I had to compromise on spec. To get LED headlights, HUD, sunroof, adaptive suspension, comfort seats, I had to give up on Surround view and Comfort access. I'm considering (in order of importance) retrofitting top view, comfort access, the new Nav and possibly the 6WD display.

How would retrofitting these units affect my warranty? Also do you offer any rebate/buy back of the old Nav unit if I upgraded?

WRT the new cluster, how would you compare it to the JAG XJ unit in respect of visibility in bright ambient light (I.e contrast/reflections)? Having used the XJ I'm double minded about going for such a display in the BMW. While the GFX and versatility are tempting, I am double minded as to wether the XBlack display has the right balance. I.E. key info like speed/revs/etc in analogue, with secondary info on a digital display. That way it's not as important when ambient lighting/reflections affect visibility, as its only the secondary info that's affected. The other thing I didn't like was the trail effect on the fast moving needles on the XJ display (not sure if it was due to the response time of the panel, or actually a deliberate effect coded into the GFX). Does the BMW unit present similar artifacts?

Sorry for the long winded question, but there aren't any cars equipped with the new display local to me, so I can't check it out for myself.

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