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Originally Posted by Bönz View Post
+1 on Lexol products. They work great, I've used them for years. All automotive leather has many layers of dye, polyurethane and UV/stain protectants. It is actually pretty tough. Your biggest threat is dirt and dust that can grind in and wear the coatings. Just keep it clean and you should be fine.

The top view "camera" is a computer generated image based on the front, side and rear view cameras. There is a good change that the wires are there, but adding all the cameras and updating the vehicle software would be really tricky. Maybe these guys can help you:

The remote APP I have only unlocks doors, flashes the lights and honks the horn. It's more of a novelty than a useful tool. Maybe there are other Apps, but I doubt any of them can start the car. BMWs scrolling key code technology does not allow for remote starting.

There is no need for multi-weight oil to warm up before setting off. Just don't drive aggressively until fully warm. Same rule applies in hot weather. Besides I lived in the UK for a couple years. You don't know what cold is.

Hope this helps.
Having spent several years working in Canada I can imagine how wussy my complaining about our winter sounds I do recall the feeling of moisture in my noise freezing on what was described as a mild day by my local colleagues :/

The remote App in the UK/EU also has a Precondition option, I believe it's omitted from the NA market for some reason I'm sure makes sense (not). I'm just trying to figure what that can do. I've seen it mentioned on 3 series forums, where people say it just operates the fans, so isn't much use. But in the same thread someone mentioned in the 5 series up, there is a separate fuel burner which actually means its able to heat/cool as opposed to just pump ambient temp air in. Perhaps that's misinfo/I misunderstood, but would be nice if it can for us feeble Brits

Since that's two votes for lexol, I may give that a shot. From my preliminary reading, general care advice is wipe down with a damp cloth regularly, clean with a foam type cleaner and use a protector (as a sacrificial layer)/hydrator occasionally. I generally have a far more laissez faire attitude towards my car interiors, but this is my first light interior so I'm a little more apprehensive this time.