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Originally Posted by m630 View Post
hmmmm...perhas a techie in your shop can find out if they are prewired in the mirrors, fingers crossed for sure..on the fenders, id be careful with trying to cut them, they are composite which may not take well to cutting, they are very thin and lightweight so care should be given, also as there would not be wiring, not sure how you'd connect them to idrive to get the video on screen...

For cleaning, I have Lexol cleaners and maintainers that used to be the standard brand that BMW sold in the service areas to clean the interior. Nowadays BMW has their own branded cleaners they sell at the service centers which may still be Lexol or something comparable. Worked great to clean them up and keep them supple for the lifte of ownership.

Take some meds to get rid of that bug, you need to drive that badboy!

Yep, I'm definitely apprehensive about messing with the fenders :/ Also the side view is cool, but not the one I'm really interested in. It's the top view that I really found usefull from other cars I've driven, as it helps avoid the dreaded curb rash. I figure even if it costs ~$1000, it will be worth it if it saves the cost and hassle of refurbish these 20s a couple of times over the time I have e car.

Thanks for the pointers about the lexol. I just had a look and a BMW dealer is selling the official kit on EBay quite cheap, I may give that a shot. At least I can blame them if it doesn't work well

Finally recovering, so might actually get some miles on it over the weekend. Although if I've given the bug to my other half just in time for Xmas I'll hav bigger things to worry about :/

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