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Picked up 640d MSport GC, some questions

Just picked up my GC yesterday and have some questions. I guess some of them have been answered on other BMW forums, but figured I'd ask here incase there are any intricacies specific to the 6 series.

I didn't want to wait for a factory order so grabbed a car sitting on the lot. This meant I had to make a few compromises. I'm now considering wether to live with those, or consider doing some work after the fact. I did save a healthy chunk on the car by not going for a factory order, so at least that will go towards any changes I make.

1) Despite being a MSport, the dealer for some unfamothable reason specd chrome trim (shadowline is standard on MSport in the UK). From a cursory search, my options are paint it, wrap it or replace it. Has anyone done any of these and how did it go?

2) The car doesn't have surround view. I would like to fit top view to save my alloys/generally aid in parking. Has anyone tried this?

3) While I like white leather I've always avoided it and gone for the safer black option. Well I had no choice but to go with Ivory/Black combo. What do those of you with white leather use for care/maintenance? From what I've read it's already coated, so the best advice seems to be protector/foam cleaner/water based hydrator. And wiping any stains with a damp cloth before they set in.

Other then that I'm very happy with the car. I got the key options I wanted (LED headlights, HuD, sunroof, comfort seats, lumbar support, VDC, plus a few I didn't really care about like soft close doors). It was the LEDs and HuD that really restricted my choices, almost pushing me to a factory order.

Any advice/pointers greatly appreciated.