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Originally Posted by RicardojcaPT View Post
Hello dear fórum mates, i have some doubts and infos i need, só i appreciate if you can help me related with my new BMW 640d coupe.

1 you know in Portugal where i can buy sun window stick? Like 35%?
2 can you advice me the best tyres for 19"?
3 i try tô conect a USB disck 2.0 tô USB port but Car didnt identify any of my discs, because i want tô download mp3 from discs tô Car.

Thank you all and i hope you can help me.
I don't know where to buy window tint in Portugal, and don't have any particular tire opinions, other than I'm not a big fan of the stock run flats on my car.

As to the music question, if you have the music on CDs, then run them through the built in CD player- it'll save them to your car hard drive. The system is fairly picky about devices connected through USB, and won't recognize a lot of things.