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Originally Posted by m630
With the situation that you can now get any 6er for close to 10K under sticker plus the winter credit of $3500, I dont see how you will be able to release this car under your defined terms. The only way you may move it is if you eat all of the money you've put down and just offer it to someone to take over the payments. It sux but its a buyers market.

these toys become money pits, especially if you need to get out early. Congrats on the family move though.

good luck
Hey m630, thank you for the congrats, that's more nerve racking than anything!

So here's where I'm having trouble. I show the numbers for a '13 just over US invoice with the year end option credits and the numbers are still more than what I'm offering. Am I missing something? Even if you take $10k off the price and put nothing down, you're looking at 1100-1200 a month. My situation pays upfront, rather than over three years. And still about $3k less in savings. I know it's a buyers market for sure, but I don't think it's totally unreasonable. Thanks for the input, if nothing else I makes me think all those calculations didn't go to waste
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