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Originally Posted by I Bleed BMW Viscous
I have been following your thread. could you tell me if those are the Bi Xenon or Led lights, and if you are able to watch DVD while the Car is moving?

That's a great Build. The Citrin Black has like some Brownish metal flake in the paint right? I would like to see more pics of the exterior in the sun. Beautiful color. Very Rich.
Thanks for the interest and compliments. They are adaptive LED lights. Love them.

The car was originally delivered with video completely disabled. Thanks to the folks at, I managed to enable DVD video and unlock video in motion as well. I subsequently retrofitted BMW Apps (not available for factory order in my region) and enabled video playback directly from my docked iPhone.

Yes, Citrin Black emits dark brown and gold hues, depending on the intensity and color temperature of any direct lighting shined on the paint surface. It is challenging to capture the effect on camera but I will give it a shot this weekend. In essence, it gives the appearance that the car is a different color under different lighting.