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2013 M6 - Profile settings don't save


I just picked up a 2013 M6 Coupe (some first pics from pickup attached, side by side to my old M3) on Monday and traded in my M3 (which will be missed) and so far am absolutely loving the car, the power it delivers even within the break-in period and keeping the RPMs low is just mind-boggling.

However, I do seem to have a small issue with my profile settings not saving, probably something I'm missing but I didn't see anything about it in the manual.
I'm getting into the car and see that it loads the previous stored profile, however, when I make changes to it, drive logic, suspension, steering, items in HUD, etc.), next time I get back in the car all these are reset again?
My dealer said, they will only save if I close the car with the close button on the key (which I did) but that didn't seem to the trick.

Do I maybe have to get in the car, delete the current profile, edit all my settings and then store it as named profile - i.e. does it not save any adjustments to an already saved profile?

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