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Hi DJ,

Yes, forgot to mention the E-Net cable. It was included in the retrofit package. FYI, I also didn't have the time nor the courage to dismantle the armrest and CIC console to install the snap-in adapter/CIC video cable. Had that done at my local BMW workshop before the remote coding.

I bought the retrofit service thinking BMW Apps would be the useful upgrade but as it turned out, the HUD enhancements were the true upgrades that I can actually use. I will post some pics as soon as I get the chance.

All the best with your coding adventure. Please do share your experiences. BTW, when is your car arriving? Any day now?
I ordered the car with bmw apps and the snap in adapter so all I am going to be coding is the HUD enhancements , dvd in motion, and some other small things that seem pretty basic to do.

My car just finished production and is at the port. Hopefully it will be here by Christmas.