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Question Sun Reflective Technology-->M6 Convertible

I was thinking that i wanted a Darker Interior but was worried about the Heat with top Down. Can anyone verify if in fact the interior seats are cooler? And is this impregnated into the leather or is it more of a coating?

And lastly, how far does this Tech extend to...The Dash, Armrests...?

SunReflective Technology.

The nicest thing about hot days is a cool spot in the sun. And in the BMW 1 Series Convertible there are four to choose from. Innovative SunReflective Technology reduces the surface heating of the seats even in strong direct sunlight.

Even on hot days the BMW 1 Series offers you a pleasantly cool reception. Reflective pigments in the optional leather seat covers reflect rather than absorb infrared heat rays. As a result, the leather only heats up a little even when exposed to strong sunshine. Compared to conventional leather, the surface temperature is up to 25 C lower, depending on the intensity of the sunlight. And if you are unable to find a parking spot in the shade, your leather seats retain a pleasant temperature when the soft-top is open as well.
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