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Congratulations! Nice review. I agree with most everything. Once you are past the breakin, you will be very pleased with the performance. Setup M2 to unlimited, i.e remove all nannytech. Then find some open space like an abandoned airfield. Then crush it. The exhaust opens up. The torque and power are brutal. It is definitely not an M3, so don't even bother to compare. They are not in the same species. This car is a beast. It will get away from you quickly. You might want to set M1 to all sport modes, MDM and max the drivelogic setting. This is good practice setting.

Don't miss the LED lights. They look awesome but you need to have high beams for them to work well. This will likely be upgraded. They are weak. You projector xenons are superior lighting wise.

While the power is supposed to be on tap from 1500-7000, 3000-6000 seems to be where you want to keep the revs to experience the brutality. Yes there is turbo lag no matter what they claim. However, it is easily minimized with drive optimization.

Great pics. Mine is black sapphire/silverstone full merino leather/20" wheels.
The car is very menacing in black. Enjoy. Let us know what you think after the breakin.