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Initial review of my new F13 M6 Coupe...

I've been reading as many reviews of the F13 M6 coupe as possible since it came out. I never found one that really compared it accurately to the E92 M3 which was what I was desperate for.

I finally got hold of mine last week from Shelly BMW. Derek Dicker is the man, hands down the best CA I have ever had. Honestly can't imagine a better dude to buy a car from.

Here are my initial thoughts, I'll update once I get the break in service done.

First off this is one hell of an incredible looking car. Unbelievable. In person it's sooo muscular and imposing. Bad ass. I went light on the packages, I wasn't into massage and ventilated seats or soft close doors… but I regretted not getting the LED headlights but in person I don't miss 'em at all.
The wheels look sick, huge and meaty. Love the enormous front calipers. They are HUGE!

A lot has been written about the engine sound, coming from the screaming E92 V8 I was expecting to be underwhelmed after all the bad press but in the flesh this engine sound incredibly menacing and mean. There's a basey rumble that is ever present, even with the windows shut. It just sounds plain dangerous and I haven't even been able to open it up much yet. Very impressed with this so far. It's a different beast than a NA engine but different doesn't mean worse at all.

Chassis. This car feels rock sold, far better than the E92 M3. Extremely impressed with how it solidly rides bumps. In sport plus the suspension very stiff but doesn't feel like it's going to come apart on big bumps.

Steering. Again early reviews lead me to expect light feeling steering compared to the E92 M3. Couldn't be more wrong. In sport plus I'd say the steering is heavier.
Only negative so far for me is you really have to muscle the car to turn in sharply. I'm sure this will be fine once I get used to it.
Otherwise not far off the M3's direct response.

Performance. Still in the break in but there are times when I get the turbos are spooled up and I can really feel what this car is capable of. Having said that when the turbo's aren't spooled up it's not as quick as I'd been lead to believe.
The 500+lbs of torque at 1500rpm isn't quite as potent as it sounds but I attribute that to needing to learn how to drive a heavily turbo charged car. I imagine that post break in, when I can keep the car in higher rev ranges the turbos will be ready to rock more than they are now?

Brakes. Amazing, so much better than the M3, really feel like they are biting down, hard.

M-DCT. Good news, still has full rev matching with throttle blips. I was concerned the different nature of the engine would remove this.
Shift changes are not as brutal as the M3 on the fastest setting. Definitely bummed about this but again haven't shifted in real anger yet. 3 speeds is way too little. Should have had 1 more extreme setting.

Weight. Don't really notice it much yet but the car feels very big in terms of size. Takes getting used to for sure. Easy parking spots now need some brain power to navigate. Again just getting used to it so no big deal. Amazing how much difference 4'' more width and 11'' more length makes vs the M3...

Interior. In a word amazing. Everything is a joy to behold. Yes it's the old Nav but there are a bunch of great improvements vs my old M3. I'm a techie and I really am not bummed about not having the new version after seeing how well this 'old' version is implemented.
The seats are great. I'm 6'7'' and relatively wide but weirdly I can't clamp myself in with the side bolsters, they don't extend in very far. Other than that the seats are great and I've got even got contrast stitching without full leather!
The steering wheel is again, incredible, so solidly made and nicely put to gather.

One negative point is the the center console really should be merino leather like the seats, M3 had this. Not terrible but would've been nice.

Extremely impressed with the fit and finish. The doors are BIG but they feel amazingly light yet solid.

So you can probably tell that I'm big time impressed with this beast. Can't wait to hit 1200 miles and remove the restrictions. I have a feeling that they DO limit hp pre break in….
So compared to an M3; way more of an imposing car, feels more dangerous and far more luxuriously appointed in a good sporty way, not in Merc old man way.
I can't compare performance yet as still enduring break in but will update asap.

Here are some pics, was rushing so not the best...
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