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Originally Posted by V8 View Post
Picked up my M6 coupe 2 days ago and noticing a couple of noises.

I hear a high pitched squeaking when I go over bumps. Seems to happen most of the time. Not crazy loud but noticeable to me and my OCD!

I remember hearing about this on the F10 M5, seeing as the chassis shares identical components. With them I think it was the rear coilover springs.

Anyone else noticed this? What was the soltuion for F10 M5 owners? Is it fixable or tough luck?
They have more of a clunk sound or like a wrench is loose in the trunk. The rear springs are too short from what I read and the clunk is them reseating themselves back in the groove under weight. I don't rememebr hearing a squealing issue. I would have someone drive your car ovr a few speed bumps and see if you can hear it outside of the car or only inside and also if it's bi/unilateral in nature.