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Originally Posted by m630
I'm not sure if you are a person or a marketing computer, but that's an amusing post regardless. Nothing to get crazy over, there is no discernible color difference between the xenons and the led fogs and I can confirm that. It's about choice and if you like yours so be it,I was just referencing another member who has them and posted the exact opposite thoughts, that they were not as bright or useful as xenons and more about a cool factor than function. But if you like them on your car, that's great and I hope you continue to enjoy the.
LOL. Real life person here and yes, I certainly do prefer the LED's on the 6er for sure. However, I do agree that the appeal may not apply to some other owners. To a large degree, most of the premium options for a 6er are emotionally driven. Ultimately, to each their own I suppose.

Having said that, I do love the B&O's as well. The aesthetic appeal and superior soundstage complete the outstanding interior of the 6er in my opinion. Once again, to each their own.