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Originally Posted by PrecisionP View Post
Congrats. This is the first i have seen with a different wood inlay. Is that the grey ash? It's hard for me to tell on the pic.

I think there were only two other cases of issues with the stereo that I have read. One a crackle and one more like interference. I think one was fixed with software and the other just stopped and never came back after taking to the dealer.
Nice job, great looking car! I started a thread called "snap, crackle, pop" regarding the static issue. What you are describing is precisly what I am experiencing. My dealer could not reproduce it. They contacted BMW tech support but no response. I continue to have the problem but very infrequently. The static continues after you turn off the radio and when you turn the volume dial or using the steering wheel buttons. It is annoying. I need to stop the car, shut it off and wait a few minutes before restarting and it usually remits. Let me know if you get anything out of your dealer. I check back with my dealer periodically. Otherwise, enjoy your great ride!