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Originally Posted by m630 View Post
As you note your age above, I'm rather surprised you are taking such an approach and over thinking the situation. I may disagree on your assessment of run flats but that is your personal opinion so go with what makes your feel satisfied, but the simple fact is you don't need to jump to an M5 or an M6 to solve th issue. A simple change in tires to non runflats will solve your piece of mind. It's not going to void your warranty,that is crazy for BMWNA rep to even suggest, what would you think the implications are on wear and tear? I don't see it and as the Ms drive without them and have a warranty it can't be such. Perhaps try writing a letter to the head of BMWNA to see what mgt says, they usually have to respond to such inquiries and you'll get something in writing.

I will say though, not to argue, but I really don't see how RFs can be such an annoyance as the new models have no discernible indication they are RFs. I just came from owning the M6 for nearly 4 years and the switched to the F30 with RFs and there was no difference in road feel between the two. Perhaps it was the 5series itself that turned you off and not the tires, coming from being inthe 6er body style for over 7 years, I was wanting 4 doors, I thought I was buying a 5er until I spent about a month living with the car. I just hated the steering feel and it was not the tires causing it, the car has taken a different direction and this may have been what you noticed. Inthe F30 it was tight steering and great road feel and if not for Sandy I'd be happily enjoying the ride and the RFs right now, it that's another story...

If you are going to get an M6 or M5 you have to expect to drive it well above posted limits, it's too easy and you often don't even realize it, they are too powerful for their own good most of the time in this country, so why bother with the premium if you are past that stage of your life....good luck
Yeah, I have no problems with RFs