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Originally Posted by UCFJWH View Post
Start with the good. I am thrilled with my color choice and the Zandvoort interior is very nice.

The finish is beautiful and I am happy with the service I received getting the car ordered and delivered for Fields in Orlando. They were very responsive to my constant pestering. I wanted a touring coupe with insane horse power and I got it.

OK, now the annoying..... Not the fault of my sales guy. I guess just the unintended consequence of ordering an early production car.

1 - I did not order the executive package or the B&O package. Would you believe that my car does not have Satellite Radio? My F150 and my Wife's Passat came with at least the ability to start a subscription. A software update is required on the system and has an associated labor cost. Surprising since that was not listed as an option like BMW Apps but was listed as a feature of the car online.

2 - I thought I would have contrast stitching on the center counsel. I wanted it on the dash too. I tried mightily to get an answer before ordering even going zooming into the pics on the on line configuration program. I was really disappointed that it was not that way. I did everything I could to be try and get it that way.

3 - I have this weird crackle in the volume control on the radio. The radio has a crackle sound when on and when you change the volume you hear it even more pronounced. I am sure I can get it fixed.

Congrats. This is the first i have seen with a different wood inlay. Is that the grey ash? It's hard for me to tell on the pic.

I think there were only two other cases of issues with the stereo that I have read. One a crackle and one more like interference. I think one was fixed with software and the other just stopped and never came back after taking to the dealer.