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Pulled the trigger on the package. Unfortunately, dealer unable to give me your spectacular deals. Also have to wait for the wheels to come in from Deutschland. That is about two weeks. I am getting the products at their cost plus $100. I am using Bridgestone Blizzaks LM-60s because they are unbeatable in the snow and relatively affordable. I also like the 19" wheels (408 with front/rear offsets difference, important) along with the 255/40. Thinner tire, better in snow. With 20" they would be snowplows. These are bad enough. However, if little to no snow the 20" would be preferrable for the looks and performance. I do not have that luxury and also have to drive through two very steep valleys every day. Gets tricky. I am also commandeering my girlfriends 4-runner if necessary no matter how much she complains. Awesome. Finally, relief.