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Originally Posted by ipsedixit
I seriously thought about 991 911 before deciding on the F12.

The 911 was just too rich, when optioned about on par with the F12. Yes, I know the 911 is a better sports car, handles better, etc., so it's not really an apples-to-apples to comparison.

The base 911 seems kind of cheap with no options, and then when you add everything that makes it a liveable car, it gets above 100k pretty quick. Doesn't seem worth it.

I would definitely dig the 991S, but then you're easily looking at M6 territory price-wise, if not more.
This is exactly why I never looked too closely at a 911.

Add on the performance options at the cost of interior comforts and luxury and you get a boring, in attractive interior but a great car for a little over $100k.

Add the interior options and skip the performance features, and you get a soft 911 for just over $100k.

Add both sets of features and you get the 911 I'd actually consider buying, and it's $135k after making it look good and play good


Get a 650i and add ARS, contrast stitching, ceramic controls, and a Nappa dash, and you get everything for a reasonable price.

I don't argue that the $135k 911 is a superior car, but as a daily driver, my money goes to the *cough* reasonable *cough* 6er.