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Originally Posted by ctenidae View Post
iDrive, stereo, 3D maps, shiny this, whistling that.

Seriously, in my opinion if that's what you're buying this car for, then you're wasting your money. There are only 2 important changes, in my book. 1 is the engine upgrade, but hey, do I really need another 50 HP? Probably not.

The other is the lack of a left pedal from now on. That's the more important change for me. And in the end, all it means to me for sure is that I 100% absolutely, positively will not be getting another 6 series when the time comes. At the rate sticks are dying, I'm going to have to buy a 2013 Subaru SBZ in a few years...
Everyone decides for themselves and I don't fault your personal assessment. I'm pissed that there is ANYTHING BMW is putting in any car that they aren't putting in one of their flag ship models. My opinion, but since this will be my third 6 series in M6 or 650 trim, I have a good idea about the value proposition and right or wrong reasons as to why I would or would not buy this car.

I do agree about the '13s with the added horsepower. I'd be depressed to be stuck in a '12. Guess that's why they are nearly giving them away.