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Originally Posted by southern6er22 View Post
You can do your part by keeping the pictures coming

I absolutely love that color. Looks like they stole it from the Rolls Royce color collection. I think they offer 13 different blacks, so I bet they took it and renamed it for BMW. It's such a cool look.

I haven't seen anyone else receive a fancy box, so I'm thinking Andreo is just special. Such a cool gift befitting such a beautiful car. Puts my car to shame. Keep posting pictures and all is forgiven

Let us know how you like the night vision. I couldn't see spending the money on it as I didn't think I'd ever use it. Maybe y'all will change my mind for next time around...

What are you looking at doing for wheels (brand, size, color, etc.)?
Thanks for the kind compliments Southern. Means a lot coming from you.

Before finalizing the order, I had a hard time looking for pictures of F12/13 cars in citrin black online. There were some on the F10s but the lines were simply not the same. It took a leap of faith from pictures of an E63 in citrin black to confirm my order. Glad I did it. The citrin turned out very satisfactorily indeed. I will try to post some pics of the car in the sun. The fluorescent lighting at the dealer's workshop simply wasn't bringing out what the paint was supposed to produce.

I have not had the chance to really test out the night vision just yet. I ordered it for the pedestrian recognition. Macau is a very dense city with pedestrian crossings and traffic junctions all over the place. As such, tourists and small children often cross the streets without looking for oncoming vehicles. In certain cases, you will find them leaping over road dividers. I am hoping the the NV system would be able to give me some visual warning ahead of time. As inspired by the Ghost Protocol scene navigating through the busy marketplace in India. Yet to test. Review and pictures to follow.

There are at least two other persons who have shared their BMW Individual boxes online in the past. Both ordered individual E63's (Mike Carson and Sting if I remember correctly). I was hoping that sharing the process in obtaining the box will help all 6er owners get one. Rooting for djsaad1 at the moment. In my opinion, all individual 6er owners should get one without having to ask considering the way BMW is positioning the car in price and market segment.

As for the wheels, I have not been a big fan of non-BMW produced wheels. Kinda takes away the purity of the vehicle in my regard... but that's just me. So I am still waiting for a wheel that actually matches the combo. So far, the factory Star Spoke 367 are the closest available but certainly not perfect. The individual V Spoke 349 simply does not go. I love yours, the 373M, but I wasn't able to order it as it was exclusive to M-sport cars. Any suggestions are most welcome.

Apart from the rims, the car arrived with Michelin HP Primacy tyres like they did to Mlai's GC. I am getting the dealer to swap them out for Pirelli PZeros before they release the car to me. Makes one heck of a difference in terms of road noise and overall ride comfort for all my other cars with run flats.

More pictures to follow as I get to do so. That's a promise.