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Originally Posted by mrjoed2 View Post
Well, I originally started looking at a Benz E550 coupe, and might give it a second look. But that car is slated for a facelift sometime in '13, not sure when. I might even look at the new C7 '14 Vette being introduced in Jan. Supposed to be a big improvement over the C6. Now I know it's not in the same class as the 650, but it's also over $30,000 less and they just announced the engine - 6.2L V8 direct injection, variable valve timing, Cyl deactivation
450 HP/450Lb torque. We'll see.

And BTW - the point is they upgraded the idrive for the other models, why not the 6?
I won't buy one w/o the new iDrive. I'll either wait until Dec 13 to order one for spring delivery of a vert or order an SL550 in Dec '12 for a spring '13 delivery.

If this thread is true, BMW REALLY screwed up on this one.