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Originally Posted by djsaad1 View Post
Just out of curiosity what would you look at getting instead of the 6 series?

I completely agree with you that this is really frustrating, in my opinion they should have never even tried a mid year upgrade.

Actually I am not sure why they even choose to upgrade the system now when they expect to release the idrive touch in some models next year. This is my first bmw so I really don't know what the company usually does, but it is possible they could be thinking to skip this idrive upgrade and put in the touch system next year. But either way they should be giving the customers more info so that they know what to expect.
Well, I originally started looking at a Benz E550 coupe, and might give it a second look. But that car is slated for a facelift sometime in '13, not sure when. I might even look at the new C7 '14 Vette being introduced in Jan. Supposed to be a big improvement over the C6. Now I know it's not in the same class as the 650, but it's also over $30,000 less and they just announced the engine - 6.2L V8 direct injection, variable valve timing, Cyl deactivation
450 HP/450Lb torque. We'll see.

And BTW - the point is they upgraded the idrive for the other models, why not the 6?