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Good advice, but a couple of points.

1) I should not have to wait for someone to take delivery in April to know for sure if the upgrade is actually being installed in the 6er. Frustrating that the dealers (in my experience) have not been able to give me a concrete answer on this - even after weeks of checking. I mean what's wrong with BMW that they can't provide accurate info to their dealers & customers?

2) I would only order this $85,000 dream car if I had a guarantee from the dealer that it would arrive with the new Idrive - and if not, I would refuse to take delivery.

3) The upgrade is actually fairly extensive and the first since 2008 of the Idrive hardware/software. Take a look at the specs below. Also read it also features better bluetooth, advanced receiver for traffic, GPS & connected drive. I deal with computer graphics, no comparison between Nvidia and Fujitsu or new Intel processor & Renesas.

Bottom line there is no reason it should not be installing today. I don't want to wait until next August/Sept - may end up forgetting BMW.

The list of hardware upgrades (vs. the current) which will power these upgrades include:

Intel processor 1.3Ghz vs Renesas 600Mhz
1GB RAM (vs 512Mb)
8GB flash (vs 512Mb)
Nvidia graphics (vs Fujitsu)
200GB hard drive (vs 80Gb)