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Originally Posted by mrjoed2 View Post

Yes, I can print out a pricing certificate from the USAA website & take it to the dealer any time. Now the interesting thing about about their program is the discount will periodically increase through the model year. For instance they started my build pricing for '13 at $13,200 discount. Just went up $300 this week. Will keep increasing.

Have you actually listened to the B&O in the 6 series? It certainly looks fantastic - but is it worth $3400? That's my dilemma. And of course if I hold out for the new Idrive version, it costs nothing extra.
I listened to the B&O and it sounds great, but I haven't heard the premium so I don't really know if I would be able to tell much of a difference. I seriously based my decision just on looks, I think it makes the interior more unique.

If the discount keeps getting greater, then yes you should keep waiting for the Idrive. If it's $300 added per month that is $1500 more by March. Considering you are not going to be a bmw financial customer, I am not sure the December incentives will be any better.

You are much more patient than I am, I was going to wait for the new Idrive and then couldn't help myself and placed an order at the end of September. After talking to bimmerretrofit it seems like they should have a retrofit in less than a year.