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Originally Posted by djsaad1 View Post
So can you get that $13,500 off msrp at anytime through USAA? I am guessing that is only for people that have served for our country and their family? That is really great that they offer that.

BTW I would get the B&O, it makes the interior look so much better. If I were given the choice, I would choose the B&O system over what the new idrive system offers. Not that you have to choose between them, but that is how much I think the B&O is worth it.

Yes, I can print out a pricing certificate from the USAA website & take it to the dealer any time. Now the interesting thing about about their program is the discount will periodically increase through the model year. For instance they started my build pricing for '13 at $13,200 discount. Just went up $300 this week. Will keep increasing.

Have you actually listened to the B&O in the 6 series? It certainly looks fantastic - but is it worth $3400? That's my dilemma. And of course if I hold out for the new Idrive version, it costs nothing extra.