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Originally Posted by 6fws View Post
If you think about it, the whole break-in stuff doesn't make a lot of sense anyway. BMW could very easily prevent the engine/DCT from reaching revs >5500 rpm. As you probably know, the car won't perform manual downshifts if the engine would end up >7250 rpm anyway, so why not lower that limit to 5500 while still <1200 miles?

I'm with BigHat - you could most likely leave the dealership using launch control without any issues whatsoever
Yup prob the case. I need to do some timed runs somewhere to see about the 20% or so of more useable/available power rumor that is unlocked upon service.
I figured they couldn't limit the rpm's due to safety issues, like needing to pass a truck and a driver fails to complete the maneuver and then the family gets to sue BMW for restricting normal function.