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Originally Posted by 6fws View Post
If you think about it, the whole break-in stuff doesn't make a lot of sense anyway. BMW could very easily prevent the engine/DCT from reaching revs >5500 rpm. As you probably know, the car won't perform manual downshifts if the engine would end up >7250 rpm anyway, so why not lower that limit to 5500 while still <1200 miles?

I'm with BigHat - you could most likely leave the dealership using launch control without any issues whatsoever
This has been a discussion item since the inception of the M car break in routine. Now I can't find the link, but I think BMW does have a "valet mode" for lack of a better term that governs how fast the car can be driven by the guys loading and unloading them from the ships, etc. I think I first read about it when someone reported the dealer or port acceptance center forgot to disable it.
Don't get me wrong, I'm not coming down on the side of the break-in procedure debate that asserts it doesn't matter. I have always adhered to it in the past. My point is they just leave it up to you to follow or ignore. No magic software that frees you from the limits at 1200 miles. My E46 M3 rev'd in a flash and I certainly witnessed it surpass the rev guidelines from the start when I failed to appreciate what the car could do.