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Originally Posted by laurenxesq View Post
my 650 vibrates & shakes whe coming to a complete stop. Heck, lots of things are wrong with my car; loose driver seat, driver door, driver seat headrest, TPM much as I love the car, just way too many defects on this generation of 650...very disappointed with bmw..
I have the same experience! Loose driverseat which is also making a lot of noise. Sideskirt loose, lock of the centre armrest is loose, electric sunscreens are making a lot a noise when closed, doorhandle is not painted properly, between 100km/h and 130 km/h the car makes a lot of noises, and so on!!!!! There car looks incredible but is BMW unworthy put together. From the buildquality it is worlds apart from my 740d. Until now the Gran Coupe is a big disappointment!!!!! And that at a price of 144.000,-!!