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Originally Posted by SCOTT26
The facility looks very much like the one where first FEP production cars are prepared and also first cars for media shoots prior to launch.
The M6 Gran Coupe media launch work should be commencing any day now.

To answer why there is an M6 Gran Coupe is to understand progress.

And the M6 Gran Coupe is the ultimate expression of progress that has affected M and widened its customer base from a global perspective.
And that is to have the ultimate expression of current M values - Performance , Precision, style and of course the catalyst for M's success - status.
Customers want the best of the best and especially in upwards-rising driving M markets such as China , Russia , Brazil and the Middle-East is where these cars thrive and why competition like the Panamera Turbo and CLS AMG exist and of course BMW X5M and X6M because customers want the highest status in this segment.

The M6 Gran Coupe does not just show individuality in apperance or high-end wheels. There is some other changes.
The ultimate expression of progress?
This isn't Audi. I want the ultimate expression of sheer driving pleasure.